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This condition is normally totally painless and the reduction of vision is gradual and for this reason it is often recognised when it is too late.

Symptoms include headaches, eye ache, a feeling of pressure in the eye or temporary decline in vision.

The diagnosis can only be made by an eye specialist after measurement of the pressure in the eye, assessment of the eye ground and through the examination of the field of vision. Glaucoma can be treated successfully in the beginning with eye drops and if necessary with an operation to reduce eye pressure. 
Untreated glaucoma can lead to deterioration in sight, to complete and permanent blindness. In case of a glaucoma attack (occurs as coloured rings around lights, red, adamant eye pain with headaches and sudden strong nausea), an eye specialist or eye clinic should be visited immediately.

Spa treatments in Bad Hall are strongly recommended to anyone with a well-monitored eye pressure; they can greatly improve microcirculation, reduce stress and optimise the cell metabolism.