Refuel health with the natural remedy iodine brine

The foundation charter of Kremsmünster Abbey from 777 also mentions the salt spring on the Sulzbach with the local salt boilers, where for almost half a millennium "panhandlers" fulfilled their task by boiling the spring water and extracting salt.

Since then, Bad Hall has relied on the healing power of the iodine-containing water. Take advantage of the effective and beneficial effects of Bad Hall iodine brine for your health. The vital trace element unfolds a multitude of special effects in the body and is effective for various diseases.

As in the past, the salty water from the surrounding iodine springs in Bad Hall is boiled for about two weeks to produce the valuable iodised salt. Natural iodine brine is boiled in the salt kitchen of the "Kesselhaus" in the EurothermenResort Bad Hall. In the so-called "salt pan", the water content of the iodine brine is evaporated under constant stirring, producing iodine concentrate and iodine salt.

The health of your eyes is promoted by a new, effective form of eye therapy in Bad Hall. Find out HERE which diseases can be treated. You will find information about further areas of application & diseases that can be treated with the help of iodine brine here.

You can find more information about iodine brine on the website of the EurothermenResort Bad Hall.

The ingredients of iodine brine

Analysis result 2013

CATIONS (in mg)

  • sodium 7825
  • Potassium 30.7
  • magnesium 164
  • calcium 266
  • ammonium 41,5
  • Iron 5.2


ANIONS (in mg)

  • Chloride 12759
  • Iodide 48
  • Bromide 133
  • Hydrogen carbonate 246
  • Sulfate < 0.5
  • Nitrate < 0.5
  • Nitrite < 0.005

Effect of iodine

Iodine is needed for the formation of thyroid hormones and should be sufficiently ingested with food. Iodine also has the following effects

  • stimulates blood circulation
  • vasodilatory
  • antithrombotic
  • expectorant
  • immunostrengthening
  • anti-inflammatory
  • swelling (fluid-enriching) effect on connective tissue
  • can have an antioxidant effect
  • improves the flow of blood


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