Steyr – a city at the edge of a national park – what a romantic setting!

The history of the city of Steyr goes back 1000 years. Situated on the picturesque confluence of the rivers Enns and Steyr, it is a real architectural gem. Houses from different stylistic periods are lined up harmoniously like a string of pearls on the historical town square. Steyr offers an experience of tradition combined with lifestyle and as such, Steyr is a place of encounters:

From the highest tower down to the deepest cellar
A tour through the town with the night watchman takes you on a journey back into the past of Steyr and is full of lore and anecdotes!

Hovering through Steyr
You can leap successfully from the Middle Ages to the high-tech age hovering effortlessly and silently through Steyr on Segways – enjoy the ultimate experience!

An Eldorado for nature lovers
Just 30 minutes by car and you will reach the Enns valley visitor centre, the ideal starting point for all tours in the Kalkalpen National Park.

Every year at advent season, Steyr becomes the official Christkindl town of Austria. The Christkindl post office, the pilgrimage church of Christkindl, the Steyr manger or the Christmas museum with its obligatory children's train ride are just some of the pre-Christmas attractions.

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