Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Enclosed between the valleys of Enns and Steyr, this is the largest expanse of contiguous forest in Austria



The Upper Austrian Kalkalpen National Park comprises the mountain ranges of Reichraminger Hintergebirge and Sengsengebirge and is Austria's largest woodland conservation area. It covers 20,850 hectares and extends over a height above sea level from 385 up to almost 2000 meters. Hidden gorges, pristine mountain streams, near-natural forests, mountain peaks with breathtaking panoramas and scenic pastures are habitat and refuge for rare and endangered animals and plants – for example the lynx, the white-backed woodpecker or the alpine longhorn beetle and lady slipper orchids. 50 mammals and 80 breeding bird species have their homes in the calcareous alpine region of the National Park as well as 1,400 different butterflies and more than 1,000 different flowering plants, ferns and mosses. However, the national park is not only a sanctuary for nature but also for people. Here you can find relaxation and enjoy nature with all your senses.

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