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Blood pressure

The treatment of high blood pressure is one of the largest challenges in cardio-vascular medicine.

As 25% of the western world suffers from high blood pressure it is one of the most common conditions or illnesses. As it can be painless and asymptomatic, early diagnosis and treatment without lifelong expensive medicinal therapies are absolutely imperative, because on top of all this they can have many side effects which can affect the quality of life. A wide variety of parameters must be considered in the optimal approach to fighting high blood pressure, which must be included in the optimal therapies of individual patients. Bad Hall with its iodine saline offers excellent cardio-vascular treatments, which are non-medicinal but can also have permanent effects on blood pressure and heart circulation. The Paracelsus Institute has the most up-to-date resources to recognise and treat all risk factors and parameters of high blood pressure (ultra-sound examinations, determining the thickening of blood vessels, analysis of anatricrotism pulse wave analysis, pulse wave velocity, long term blood pressure measurement, special laboratory examinations). An individual treatment programme tailored to test results can be put together. It is not just high blood pressure but the sum of the risk factors that are decisive for optimal blood pressure treatment.

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