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Eye therapies

We use the effects of the element iodine for our unique eye therapies in two different application forms:

Eye iontophoresis:

You “bathe“ your eyes in a special small bowl in which the iodine saline solution is charged using a low galvanic current. This enables small particles of the iodine to be effective deep inside the eye.

Eye sprays:

A special apparatus sprays a thick iodine saline mist against the eye so that cornea and the conjunctiva can absorb the elements of the iodine saline.

Lipid eye sprays:

The eye is protected from outside by a lipid layer that prevents dry eye symptoms. This layer can fail to work properly under certain conditions such as dry air, ozone, UV-rays, exhaust emissions, fine dust, smoking etc. During the lipid eye sprays this protective layer is rebuilt.

It is recommended to apply the lipid spray in combination with the basic therapy, the iontophoresis.

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