Klinikum Bad Hall

Bad Hall clinical centre belongs to the KBB – Klinikum Besitz- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, a joint company of the social security institution for farmers and a private consortium of operators of established Austrian health institutes.

The aim of our centre is not only to get patients to return to their former health levels, but to take the patient as whole and look together at ways to find a better quality of life, vitality and long term health and well-being.

At the same time the promotion of independence and feeling of self-worth, the recovery of mobility, integration into daily life and the teaching and advising of patients and their families is particularly important.

- coronary heart disease
- aftercare following a heart attack or operation
- cardiac arrhythmia
- cerebral and peripheral circulatory problems
- special stroke rehabilitation with corresponding aftercare and appropriate therapies (neuron- rehabilitation)

- swimming in our own pool according to the Dr’s instructions. lectures
- counselling for relatives
- rehabilitation counselling

- specific case histories
- diagnostic report
- special ECG-forms
- echocardiography
- nuclear medicine
- X-ray and other picture-related procedures
- ultrasound
- spirometry
- ergometry
- laboratory


- balneotherapy
- iodine saline applications
- physiotherapy
- electrotherapy
- massage
- remedial gymnastics
- exercise therapy
- thermotherapy
- hydrotherapy
- controlled heart-circulation training
- inhalation therapy
- occupational therapy
- speech therapy
- psychological counselling
- medicamentous therapy
- alimentotherapy
- nutritional advice

Contact & service

Klinikum Bad Hall
Parkstr. 12
4540 Bad Hall

Phone +43 725830710