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Lat. name: Quercus coccinea Family: beech plants
Home: East of the USA
Popular ornamental and park tree with a growth height of 25 metres.
The name "Scarlet Oak" comes from the striking scarlet autumn colouring; some leaves often remain on the lower branches until January.
Tree mythology: Oaks are sacred trees for various peoples as an oracle tree or symbol of steadfastness, virtue and truth.
American oak
Hill's oak also known as pin oak
Lat. name: Quercus ellipsoidalis
Home: USA and Canada/Ontario
Family: beech plants
Planted around 1940
It appears mainly in the USA and shows a very close relationship with the Scarlet Oak. However, botanists have found a closer relationship with the black oak (Ouercus velutina).  This American oak reaches growth heights of up to 20 metres. The leaves are shiny green, strikingly serrated, with a length of 7 to 13 centimetres. The "Northern Pin Oak" is mainly planted as a decorative tree in parks, because it shows very beautiful red foliage in autumn. In forestry the wood is often used as construction timber in various areas.

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Scarlet Oak
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