St. Florian

St. Florian, a place where art, culture, music and nature are in perfect harmony.

St. Florian is best known for the monastery where Anton Bruckner worked as organist and under whose organ he is buried. Place and monastery are named after Saint Florian. The village offers its inhabitants and guests a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

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Always worth seeing for guests and locals:

Augustiner-Chorherrenstift with its many details worth seeing: Abbey basilica with the Bruckner organ, famous in the music scene far beyond the country's borders, Anton Bruckner's tomb, precious abbey library with 130,000 volumes.

The historic fire brigade armoury with its presentation of the development of fire fighting from the fire bucket to the steam engine.

Cultural landscape "Sumerauerhof": Houses in a square courtyard a documentation of rural and handicraft folk art from four centuries and serves as a backdrop for numerous events.

Hohenbrunn Castle Hunting Museum: An exhibition of numerous art-historical objects documents the development of hunting and fishing. The baroque castle also serves as an atmospheric backdrop for events.

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