Monastery Kremsmünster

 „Porta patens esto, nulli claudatur honesto!“

"This gate shall be open to all who would honourably pass through it."

This greeting on the entrance gate of the monastery is an expression of Benedictine hospitality.

The Benedictine Abbey of Kremsmünster was founded in 777 by Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria - according to legend at the place where his son Gunther was killed in a hunting accident.

In all its parts, in its inner and outer structural structure, the monastery forms an impressive work of art. The baroque period created the architectural image that prevails today, as in most Upper Austrian monasteries. The "Kloster an der Krems" is a mighty building complex, richly structured, dominated by the double-towered west façade of the collegiate church and the 50 m high observatory. It is one of the largest, most important and oldest monastery complexes in Austria.

In addition to the impressive collegiate church and the observatory, you should definitely plan a visit to the art collection with the Tassilo chalice and the collegiate library.

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