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Dry eye

"Dry eye" is a dysfunction in the balance of the external surface of the eye caused by either decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation.

This condition can have many different causes e.g. dry ambient air from air-conditioning systems or aeroplanes, working at computer screens, watching too much television, taking different medications, pollution etc.

People complain more and more about aching, burning, itching or tired eyes, a dry feeling, but also about sensitivity to light reddening of the cornea and all of these are symptoms of so called "dry eye". 

"Dry eye" is not a harmless, uncomfortable and annoying disorder but an actual illness which can lead to a considerable reduction in the quality of life, as an intact tear film ensures that sight is clear, "unobstructed" and painless, which is essential for the nutrition and protection of the cornea. 

Bad Hall treats and has been successful in treating "dry eye", in particular eye iontophoresis  in combination with eye sprays.

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