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The most common and problematic diseases are coronary heart diseases: the acute myocardial infarction, the peripheral arterial obstructive disease (commonly known as smoker’s leg) and the cerebral arterial obstructive disease (bleeding into the cerebral tissue caused by a tear in a vessel, obstruction of the vessels to the brain caused by a blood clot, slowly advancing vessel obstructing arteriosclerosis).

Our vascular system would be able to remain healthy without advancing arteriosclerosis for much longer than100 years. The natural aging process (loss of elasticity, enlargement of the large arteries and "natural calcification" starts in all human beings from birth. As a result of the lifestyle in western countries there are also a large number of factors which contribute to the development of arteriosclerosis. Hereditary and diet-related metabolic disorders mean that arteriosclerosis starts much earlier and is much more acute: increased blood pressure and general risk factors such as being overweight, lack of exercise, and psychological stress.

Bad Hall’s saline solution remedy has a partial effect on the vasodilatory system, stimulating the circulation through its antioxidant and immune modulating effects which positively influence arteriosclerosis and its main clinical manifestations.

In the Paracelsus Institute therapy centre all the necessary diagnostic tools can be utilised. The iodine saline applications which have been proven over decades will then be individually coordinated.

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